Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I guess MSNBC didn't like what I wrote on the political, US news message boards: It seems the ability to post comments has been suspended, buried, plagiarized, MESSAGES DELETED...

I guess ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, HUFFINGTON, and all the OTHER so-called NEWS outlets doing the same... You're either too spoiled, stupid, silly, scared to cover the vital, REAL NEWS... OR YOU'RE burying, ignoring, misinforming ON PURPOSE!

We need the "fairness doctrine" that those devils Reagan/Bush got rid of. We need a licensed COMMITMENT to serve the public interest, give EQUAL TIME and stick to the ORIGINAL purpose of keeping an informed populace.

No matter where one goes to gain a voice that forum will be quelled. In this time of great EVIL, waste, fraud. abuse, scandal, corruption, arms dealing, war profiteering, torture, CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS! You media Ho's think it's a GOOD idea to block ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINTS. All you so-called journalists are #*~/ing up... BIGTIME!


All you people are representative of divisions within America. RUINING America... Ever heard of "divide and conquer"? While Conservatives and Liberals, White, Blacks, Hispanics, Natives, Asians, Man against woman, Christians VS gays... WHATEVER!

The POINT being... While everyone is finger pointing, blaming and playing the "guilt by association" game... A BUNCH of vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon CON MEN are ravaging, off-shoring, expatriating ALL OUR NATIONS WEALTH AND RESOURCES...


copyright 2008 by Sal Celeste

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not the everyday "TERRORIST THREATS"

by Sal Celeste

I’m what one might call a “freelance citizen journalist”… There’s a lot of us around nowadays BECAUSE in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA responsible journalism is DEAD as the sperm on Monica Lewinski’s “blue dress”…

Somebody better “step up” and make the VITAL issue I’m exposing the subject of serious study, investigation and publication. It is imperative the American public know about conditions that are turning our military men and women into vicious mental cases… because MANY of these soldiers are coming home to JOBS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT…

Now allow me to present an VERY GOOD example of what I’m writing about:

The Anti-war/ACCOUNTABILITY political activist known on You Tube as “SpoAct” has made several CONTROVERSIAL videos making “lite” of the way the 527’s have dragged political campaigns into the gutter ( ex. “Swift Boats Vets for Truth“ and Carl Rove)…

Now SpoAct gets cyber threats on a regular bases from rabid Bush WAR supporters, Republican operatives, Conservative voters, Christian soldiers, Evangelicals suffering from ideological/moral superiority complexes and religious delusions, etc… BUT one of these THREATS stands out and is being taken seriously because of the nature of the perpetrator.

It seems this person (YouTube.com/joseitsme), who claims to be an Iraqi WAR Vet and L.A. County Sheriff trainee, feels it’s his right, duty to THREATEN “SpoAct” for using 1st Amendment Rights to FREE SPEECH!

I find this quite DISTURBING coming from a soldier who took an oath to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION! And can ANYONE in their right mind feel comfortable with the fact this joseitsme will soon be a law enforcement officer sworn to “protect and serve”?

The nature of these THREATS are SO VILE, so vicious, so mentally unstable that “SpoAct” did some investigating and FOUND A EVEN MORE DISTURBING aspect of this soldier’s existence. That would be the warped, DEGENERATE form of so-called Military Christianity our military men and women are being EXPOSED to.

I strongly suggest LAW ENFORCEMENT and the mainstream media check out and INVESTIGATE this subject. We already have enough evidence to make a legitimate case against “joseitsme” and his fellow soldiers like (YouTube.com/Soldier in Gods Army).

All one has to do is LISTEN to this INSANE form of this Christian Segregationist belief system and BE SCARED, BE VERY, VERY SCARED… Especially if these types of severe mental illnesses are making it’s WAY INTO OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES!

Another thing to investigate is if the L.A. County Sheriff Dept. is helping “joseitsme” track down “SpoAct” for RETALIATION. Over and OVER in his TREATS, Jose refers to “when I find You, I‘ll…

Now normally “SpoActwouldn’t be shaken by “cyber threats”, BUT all of the sudden his You Tube site and blog (actspo.blogspot.com) HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED BY the identity finder internet site known as “i.ytimg”…

Now “SpoAct” has taken steps to PROTECT HIMSELF in the case “joseitsme” OR ANY right-wing DEGENERATE follows through with his vile, vulgar THREATS. We have pictures of Jose and if he suddenly shows up and confronts “SpoAct”… The motherfucker is gonna get “FUCKED UP” big time.

Now we WARNED YOU PEOPLE so Spoact cannot be held accountable because LAW ENFORCEMENT and the COWARDS in the mainstream media REFUSED TO DO THEIR JOBS!

This email will be posted on the blog “THE CYBER BITCH SLAP” and will be sent to media organizations, government officials, ACLU, MoveOn.org and the Lawyers Guild. So once again, I STRONGLY you people investigate this matter and give “SpoAct” national media airtime to expose this VITAL, DISTURBING ISSUE

COPYRIGHT 2008 by Sal Celeste