Saturday, April 11, 2009

I should be ANGRY but I'm laughing...

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Comedy is the ALAMO of serious political activism.
The NEWS has been compromised. The NEWS networks have LOST rational stance, facts and common sense to a show on the COMEDY NETWORK. Journalism degraded by LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES! All this happening on the PUBLIC AIRWAVES... right?

UPDATE: 6-9-11
Rhodes called this Anthony Weiner thing the other day, it’s because we are MEN. I’m more mature now but I remember a time in my youth I was whipping that thing out every chance I got. I didn’t need no Twitter.

This Weiner thing, at most, was a good joke around the water cooler or construction site for about a week… but it sure ain’t news. I think Republicans use this kind of CONTROL by AUTHORITY gotcha stuff to get their jollies off with. Like those rumors in the 90’s about Ken Starr and all his Republican friends masturbating to Monica Lewinski testimony, right Larry Craig?

How this thing became news is exactly what’s wrong with this nation of shameless hypocrites. Why is this news, because Andrew Brietbart says so??? COME ON! This is a guy is such a evil smear mister I’d knock him out if I could get close enough, just to be known as the guy who knocked out Andrew Brietbart. And Donald Trump, YOU’RE KIDDING, right? Anyone who follows these silver spoon trust fund baby is a moron.

I’m thinking this is the dirty tricks those sore loser Conservatives have to counter the special in NY’s 26 because it’s not really news or deviant is it. Y’know what’s obscene to me? With all the problems this nation is facing, with all the enemies of true democracy, WHY would any news organization waste precious broadcast time on what Weiner does in private moments. How would YOU people like to be judged for being human? I don’t care what my leaders do in their free time as long as they do good on the job.

I’m not in Anthony Weiner’s district but the man is one of a precious few in Congress that actually fights for Progressives.
We’ve lost so many to the Brietbart already… Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod, ACORN… I’m not going to lose my Weiner to these Conservative wackos and their low grade thought processes. Not only do many on the Left NOT fight back but all of the sudden we got all these prudes on the Left who’ve been badmouthing Weiner.

Ohhh, I want to know what they did to Ed Shultz while he was being punished. Did Comcast sent him to re-education camp? See for the WHOLE story.

Frank from ABQ

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