Thursday, July 10, 2014

Smoke out & put down the rabid "Coal Rollers"

"It's time for the ignorant, degenerate, vicious weak-minded Right Wing Nut Job fools to be scared of the LEFT! NOW, ya fuck'n bunch of Liberal coward mothafuckers"
Charlie Stunats

Take out the Coal Rollers & all Kochs...
RWNJ fuck'n idiot tools want to smoke something try this... 

Google Ads has a real sense of humor, don't they? (or bad timing)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

...on the case

I'm Italian-American but have family relations the world over. I love people of Italian decedents, they speak their minds with brutal honesty and have the courage to fight against being played for sucker fools. FUCK CONTROL BY AUTHORITY!
©2014 by F.G.Esposito

LMAO! ...of course with the help of other patriotic Americans like "The Young Turks"
Managia la America! WTF is it w/ PoliticHOs and Prohibition? Only in USA will a President known in college as aka “Barack Bogart” STILL have laws arresting the PEOPLE for marijuana use