Monday, February 23, 2009

Where's my Randi Rhodes, Nova M Radio?

NO one, and I mean NO ONE on the radio can make a point BETTER than MS Randi Rhodes. I'm going out of my way to find out why Air America AND now Nova M Radio is making it so hard for MS Rhodes to be on the air. YEA, for anyone that DOESN'T think were right at the beginning of a CLASS WAR, then look to the horizon...

...and then read on for the greatest idea for a new radio show since Phil Henry.

UPDATE: 3-27-09 To Nancy Skinner
I listened to your program yesterday when you allowed some ignorant, holier-than-thou caller badmouth and name call MS Randi Rhodes. THAT ISN’T RIGHT! I’ve tried to get the whole story why Rhodes isn’t on the radio with no luck… ALL I know is I miss her humor, sarcasm, style and passion. She said the things I wanted to hear in the way I wanted to hear them. Nancy Skinner is all right as the substitute, bland, boring… like Randi Rhodes Lite. It’s my ideology but not the way I want to experience it. I understand Skinner comes from FOX News?

UPDATE 2: Good ole Nancy Skinner spend her precious airtime HYPING the Bill O'Reilly Show and FOX News...

You got street cred? What the #*~/ does that mean? NO I’VE GOT THE STREET CRED AND THE EXPERIENCE but no one will give ME a chance to even sit at the table let alone have a voice...

I couldn’t believe it, I was up early listening to the Bill Press Radio Show 4-8-09 when the guest host (who’s name I didn’t catch) remarked “…I was their pet liberal…”

WHAT? Oh YEA! Seems to me the Conservative Labyrinth is flooding the market with a LOT of you “pet Liberals” Nancy Skinner types... All you wannbe’s that used to work for FOX News or RADIO FREE CONSERVATIVE.

Air America TOO! Richard Green (on Clout) asked for more listeners… WHY? You suck! You’re so petty, bland and boring that your guest Deidra Hall was FADING while you spoke… IMAGINE HOW THE LISTENERS FELT.

I WANT TO HEAR someone who’s going to TEAR DOWN Republicans and their warped Conservative ideology (Rhodes had THAT down, she was the best at giving the right-wing fanatics a taste of their own insults and finger pointing) I want to hear someone who’s destroying the careers of Cons
ervative wackos... not some pussy who’s talking to Hollywood starS! WHY are you m'#*@~/r's FORCING this crap on the American PEOPLE?

REMEMBER what Jimmy Cliff sang: "...
give the PEOPLE what they WANT..."

UPDATE 4: LET ME get THIS straight... Air America got rid of Randi Rhodes... but is HIRING MONTEL Williams?
Whoever in charge of the network should get his @$$ kicked, #*@~ YOU too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The sick, twisted Right-wing + their low grade thought processes

Republicans… jeez what a bunch of sore losers. I already knew Conservatives avoid fair play like the plaque, but the first month of the Obama/Biden Administration proved to the world, just how bad the right-wing really is. Actions and words (show true colors) coming from a DESPERATE RNC, Republican Congress, Conservative media outlets and of course… Radio Free Conservative.

It didn’t take more than 15 minutes after Obama was sworn in before Rush Limbaugh started his tirade (that I’m sure will last 4-8 years no matter how successful Obama/Biden is) The scary thing is that there are STILL millions of right-wing fanatics who follow Rush like so many sheep in a flock… the ditto-head flock.

Limbaugh, Hannity, Cunningham, Laura Ingram (ck sp) on + on + on have barely caught a breath since 1-21-09 criticizing and demonizing EVERYTHING Obama/Biden and the Democrats in congress are doing. EVEN THOUGH EVERY PROBLEM THE NATION IS FACING HAS BEEN CAUSED BY THE LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES AND WARPED STRATEGIES OF Bush/Cheney and Republicans in congress for the last 28 years. Verifiable proof of what I’m saying is VERY simple to come by but overwhelming in it’s enormity.

The time for debate has passed. Republicans have little legitimate argument or creditability since NO ONE on the Right has the courage to stand up and take responsibility for the last 8 years. They've decided to chuck the demands for ethics, responsibility, accountability and play the blame, finger pointing game instead. Obama this, Pelosi that, Reed the other thing… Barney Frank and Henry Waxman, (nudge, wink, nod)an ape cartoon and Ann Coulter… #*~/ you too!

You sick, twisted, bigoted, ignorant, holier-than-thou m’#*@~’s. I swear to the Almighty you right-wing fanatics are too STUPID TO VOTE! I have no doubt that if George W. Bush could have run for a 3rd term… YOU PATHETIC MORONS WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HIM!

The epitome of ethnocentrism and hypocrisy. You’re all in one great Conservative cult… The sad thing is you pitiful citizens would have been better off hooking your wagon to someone like Wayne Bent. You could have went out to the desert and form your own little sick twisted war profiteering, scandalous world instead of ruining the USA.

Hey Rush and Shaun… if Obama is the Messiah or Savior, as you refer to him… then G.W. Bush must have been Anti-Christ, RIGHT?

UPDATE: 3-9-09
I called the Bob Clark radio show this morning to criticize all his whiny, cry baby Conservative listeners. That wussie Clark cut me off at 9:30 break, (on tape but no sign of my call). Isn’t it revealing that the same Conservatives and Republicans, who on these Radio Free Conservative radio stations, spent the last 25 year with Limbaugh calling Democrats and Liberal every name in the book and putting down or poking fun at everything we did. These same craven, hateful useful idiots NOW, after their ideology and agendas ruined the USA, refuse to listen to alternative viewpoints… It tells me only ONE THING! Conservatives can dish it out but they can’t take it.

Here’s the call I didn’t get to make:

"Y’know all you Conservatives do is call talk radio and complain about this legislation or that, this corrupt politician or another. Smart people can tell the places that have the most waste, fraud, abuse, scandal and corruption also has the most apathetic population. Instead of just complaining why don’t you coach potatoes get off your fat butts, stop watching TV and use that time to form coalitions, run petition drives, attend government meetings AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE POLITICAL PROBLEMS like the fine political activists on the Left do. Y’know the hardworking concerned citizen, volunteers and community organizers your station always makes fun of or puts down."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's wrong with politics in 2009?

UPDATE: 3-1-09
To prove the point I’ve been TRYING to get across to all you testa dura m’#*~/’s let me offer up this news gem. Keynote speaker, of Conservative Political Action Conference 2009, Rush Limbaugh lays out plans to take back America… Be scared, be very, very scared.

Just because Democrats won in the last election doesn’t mean you have a lock. NOW is NOT the time to STOP ORGANIZING! Don’t make the same mistakes John S. Saloma III warned the Left about back in 1983 with his almost prophetic masterpiece “Ominous Politics, The New Conservative Labyrinth”. You ignored him then as you sucker fools ignore me NOW!

The thing about the Right (Republicans/Conservatives) is they embrace their supporters with good ideas and make them the subject of serious study and publication. (all the right-wing Think Tanks)

The Democrats and Liberals (to this DAY) are stuck in the chi-chi 60’s, fighting for time on the microphone. Only the chosen few are embraced, like some kind of warped “American Idol” competition. Usually, on the Left, the SAME, old spokespersons are given airtime to make a point or put forth an issue. Michael Moore, Bill Mahr, Al Sharpton, Arriana Huffington, etc… SOMETIMES even going as far as PLAGIARIZING ideas/plans communicated to them. (Right Senator Feinstein?) …remember CHANGE?

I DEMAND MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to bring my issues/subject matter to the table. Article 1, Section VIII, #8:

To promote the progress of science and useful arts by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries

Alternative thought processes and opposing viewpoints are VERY important at this time. Especially since the old way of doing things just DOESN’T SEEM TO BE WORKING! (not for the American PEOPLE, anyway)

NOTE: I’m calling IN all my political and socio-economic favors for the funding to proceed with efforts to demand ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY… (which now includes a proposed lecture tour with people who REALLY KNOW HOW TO MAKE A PASSIONATE SPEECH!) …maybe even enough for a crew in my pet project of tracking the hours per week the Conservative media spends badmouthing Obama/Biden… (lol)

*2009 by FGE{ “Also I have a GREAT IDEA for a new AM radio show, but it will only work on a Conservative network. The host is a sarcastic, insulting, Republican hating, tough guy Don Rickles type (like me) and his beautiful, passionate, enlightened, hippy chick, yoga instructor (I know a few) co-host bringing IT to the right-wing fanatic masses, IN THEIR OWN HOUSE! The show starts with the hosts taking on issues close to the heart of Conservatives and then allowing the fanatics to call in with their parroted propaganda arguments, name calling and hate speech rebuttal…” }

COME ON, it’ll be a real hoot, like when Phil Henry first did his hilarious routine on the radio. Remember how shocked and disturbed people got? It was like the Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” of Comedy. Jeez it’s not like there ISN’T just loads of material to use or that most right-wing fanatic callers are such characters, I don’t even need to do funny voices. It will work itself into crescendo by the time the next election rolls around… Have some imagination, some vision… ya dull, been doing this SAME thing for 25 years, m’#*~/rs!

*(…or what the intelligence community calls PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE)
2-19-09 “Monitors” have told me that all day on Conservative talk radio (both national and local) the right-wing fanatics have been badmouthing Obama’s mortgage stimulus plan. Here’s the call I didn’t make to KKOB-AM 770 or KFI-AM 640 today. I‘m on STRIKE until Obama and the DNC recognize the value of my disturb the Conservative talk radio plan:

Jeez, you Republicans have no shame. Conservative wackos whining about Obama/Biden since the day they were sworn in. Is that your plan to win the next election, NO SOLUTIONS, just complaining about Obama and the Democrats? In case your warped little brains have conveniently forgotten, Obama/Biden are just trying to deal with the multitude of Neo-Con disasters Bush/Cheney passed on to them.

YEA! It’s socialism now that our government wants to help the 40 million Americans that struggle below the poverty level BUT I DIDN’T HEAR A PEEP FROM ALL YOU RIGHT-WING LOUD MOUTHS when Bush/Cheney were subsidizing every Wall St/K-St, war profiteering silver spoon aristocrat out there. Now THAT was socialism on a grand trillion dollar scale.

You think all the Blackwaters or Halliburtons would exist if it wasn’t for all those sweet cost plus contracts? Now THAT’S what I call WELFARE!"

NOTE: (We can’t even investigate or prosecute Haliburton because Republican “expatriate clauses” allow them to move to Dubai and “off shore” their ill-gotten gains. Working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE my @$!)

"Funny but our Republican controlled government back then had the infrastructure in place to privatize multinational corporate profits and socialize their loses, where was THE OUTRAGE THEN?

The mortgage companies and banks had the time and staff in place to adjust everyone payment up, but you’re going to complain about lowering peoples payments. Homeowners were fine with their original mortgage payments, banks ruined the economy when they REJECTED payments after the adjustable rate went up. I know people across the nation that had mortgage payments in hand but the banks refused to accept. I only have ONE QUESTION about the mortgage crisis, Wall St/K-St/banking scandals… Does the tragic FAILURES in the history of de-regulation teach you NOTHING? COME ON!

You morons will spend all day moaning about rebuilding America but it was all right to spend TRILLIONS in Iraq. You expect me to believe all of the sudden you’re all fiscally responsible economists, and take ANYTHING you people say seriously? Especially after you let the Bush tax cuts pass on the cost of the WAR to your kids and grandchildren…”

NOTE: (One guy on KKOB called in with his plan to overload the system so Obama will fail. HEY, craven, hateful idiot, the only thing wrong with your scheme is if Obama fails so goes the nation. Which, by the way, is the only way Republicans can win another election. Ohhhh and then beloved Sarge calls in two times today saying how all Americans should get together and demand accountability… Where the #*~/ were YOU when Bush/Cheney were screwing over the middle-class with waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruption, missing billions, missing weapons, soldiers getting electrocuted in the shower and CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS? You people are nothing but brainwashed hypocrites who are busy ruining this great nation... GOD BLESS AMERICA! (, for REAL this time)

2-18-09 LOCAL - I’m wondering if the Republican Party and “Conservative Labyrinth” (see: John S. Saloma III) have a direct line to FOX News and all the AM Conservative talk radio stations and companies (Citadel Broadcasting Co., Clear Channel Communications)

The Republicans are passing the word down to use all the old standards and textbook techniques to get the Conservative Base riled. I can tell they have researchers scouring the news outlets, web, newspapers, etc. looking for any story to use for this purpose.

Today on the Jim Villanucci show they’re demonizing the Liberal bias in the classroom. The evil professor at LA City College calling a student a fascist because of his speech on his Christian beliefs. They worked themselves into a frenzy of right-wing hate speech and then pass it off as having a sense of humor: “Oh those darn hippies are so funny…” RIGHT?

NOTE: (Former Rep. Steve Pearce during an interview on SON Christian broadcasting Network KCHF-TV, said the only way Republicans can win in future elections is get people involved at the street level. Get the base worked up enough to take on the Left. These Christians need to loose their tax exempt status for all the political ORGANIZING that going on in the name of JESUS)

NATIONAL - #*~/ you… I can’t listen to Limbaugh or Hannity anymore. I think I have all the information I need to make a legitimate case against them. Unless something huge happens, the radio is off from 10am to 4pm. I can’t stand it no more… Listening to these loud mouth, jerk-offs spew their propaganda is like pushing sharp pencils into my ears.

To observe the results of their Neo-Con INFLUENCES, one only need to look at the bigoted, racist NY POST cartoon showing police standing over the dead ape saying: “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill” Especially taken in context with a picture cross page of Obama signing Stimulus Bill. Comedy, RIGHT? “…it’s springtime for Hitler and…” (*Listen to Ron Reagan Radio show, Air America 2-18-09, Guest Barbara Sierra)


LOCAL level - The Conservative hordes who call the Jim Villanucci show are all worked up. The subject is Obama reversing Bush’s Dover Policy about witnessing coffins of dead soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Caller after caller expressing their disgust that the Liberal media, Obama Administration and the Democratic Party are using the war dead for political purposes… WHAT? So that’s WORSE than Bush using them for Multi-nation corporate purposes?

NATIONAL Radio Free Conservative - Remember the madness of “OPERATION CHAOS”. Rush Limbaugh and Shaun Hannity are NOW trying to propagate a whole new con on their listeners. They want these useful idiots to BELIEVE that Conservatives are now in exile, cut off from power, the retched minority. Of course, all the maligned right-wing fanatics should do everything in their power to ruin the Obama/Biden Administration, the Democratic Party, Liberals and community organizers.

Top Conservatives know Bush/Cheney made it possible for the Republican Party to be relegated to 3rd party status. More and more Americans are starting to realize the flip side of FEAR is UNDERSTANDING. What I SAW during their first month, was the Obama/Biden administration reaching out to adversaries… both foreign and domestic. And trying to deal with the massive problems left for them by past low grade thought processes.

Can ANYONE argue Republicans of the last 28 years did everything in their power to sell out the American middle-class? Bush/Cheney was the culmination of their ideological belief system, the hopes and dreams of any economic royalist or robber baron… AND PRODUCED FAILURE ON SUCH A MASSIVE SCALE IT WILL TAKE GENERATIONS TO FULLY COMPREHEND THE DAMAGE DONE.

I wasn’t surprised, that’s why I worked so hard to get Gore elected in 2000. It’s not like there wasn’t boxes of evidence that everything George W. Bush touched turned to shit. The right-wing fanatics weren’t happy during the economic bliss of the Bill Clinton years… Noooo they had to elect a man who had a history of one failure after another because they’re always so #*@~’n RIGHT! (Don’t they have a pill for people that suffer from these severe ideological/moral superiority complexes?)

Bush/Cheney took the goodwill foreigners felt for America after 9/11 and turned it to hate and mistrust. The NEWS is finally getting out that the rest of the world blames the United States for all the reckless economics of the last 28 years. Experts such as Steven Schrage are now saying this is more of a threat than terrorism.

1-29-09 ….morning talk host with the sick desperation in his laugh Bob Clark and his morning team are all worked up telling bloggers NOT TO CRITICIZE those with different political beliefs. Is that the party line? Cut ties with Bush/Cheney (even though they supported policy for 7 ½ years) No ethics, no responsibility, no accountability… right-wing fanatics have no shame. Let’s not be critical of all Republicans/Conservatives just because of Bush/Cheney.

#*~/‘n hypocrites! These are the same people who’ve called liberals wacko for 20 years, ruined the Clinton/Gore Presidency because of a BJ AND BLAME DEMOCRATS FOR THE RECKLESS ECONOMICS OF Bush. Ohhhh, but NOW that history shows all Conservative agendas and economics are screwed, NOW THAT THE NATION HAS BEEN LAID TO WASTE BY RIGHT-WING LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES… you’re going to whine and cry because conscious individuals are calling you out and criticizing? LOSERS!

2-10-09 6:16PM MST

Caller on the Jim Villanucci show (KKOB-AM 770) sums up the attitude of Republican voters for the last 30 years: “…ignorance is bliss…” Since 1-21-09 I’ve listened to all the right-wing fanatics whine about Obama/Biden. All of the sudden, Radio Free Conservative talk show hosts and their callers are economists chock full of answers on how to save the economy. Of course most of the plans involve criticizing ANYTHING Obama is doing.

Most Conservatives are suffering from ideological/moral superiority complexes. Years of listening to Radio Free Conservative psychological warfare made them into knuckle-heads… ahhh I mean Ditto-heads. (remember Radio Free Europe and Voice of America?) These ditto heads have completely lost their ability for critical analysis or legitimate debate.

In the book “The Political Spectrum, Opposing Viewpoints” David L. Bender identifies the basic reading and thinking skills needed:
1) “Evaluating sources of information
2) Separating facts from opinion
3) Identifying stereotypes
4) Recognizing ethnocentrism

Most of their perceived incredible knowledge is passed down from Limbaugh, who as they all BELIEVE, has “talent passed down from GOD”. The right-wing fanatics feel empowered because they’re doing “GOD’s work”… That’s when the constipated, knuckle heads… ahhh I mean ditto heads get all worked, grab their guns and shoot up a Unitarian Church or blow up a planned parenthood clinic… Nothing would make the Aristocrats Limbaugh works for happier than getting the right-wing fanatics to crush the Left. Like the super rich have said from time immortal “…We can hire half the poor to get rid of the OTHER fifty percent…”

I want the funds and power needed to PROTECT MYSELF. As the opposition I have to feel threatened by remarks made by Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Rush went on a 10 minute rant calling out the dittohead flock to “…GET BACK AT THE LIBERALS…” Funny but Rush is echoing the same message, new RNC front man Michael Steel voiced during media interviews. Rush went on, “…WE will diminish them, like they are doing to us…”

WHAT? Your kidding, right you fat disgusting m’#*~/‘r? The Left didn’t DIMINISH you people… You morons did it to yourselves, you elected leaders that treated Republican voters like $10 coke whores on a Friday night.

Ok you idiots want a fight? How about we get back at you for what you did during the Clinton years… While all you pathetic morons were stuck pleasuring yourselves to Monica Lewinski BJ testimony, your Republican congress did everything they could to #*~/ over the American worker.

All the right-wing fanatic economists think Obama’s stimulus package has too much spending in it. They think rebuilding our failing infrastructure will not help the nation

NOTE: (ask your city maintenance dept. how many broken water lines they had to fix in the last year or drive over a country bridge in the Northeast. When you have no running water or when the bridge collapses around you then you’ll care about the infrastructure. AND ONLY THEN will you lemmings wonder why we spent 2 TRILLION DOLLARS IN IRAQ!

I’m speaking for myself now… if I ever get the chance to be close enough, I’m gonna knock out Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly for their complicity in the biggest con of US history perpetrated by the Bush/Cheney Crime family.

If I had national radio airtime I’d want to know why the Republicans wanted protections for whistle blowers taken out of ANY Stimulus legislation. Here we are ONCE AGAIN subsidizing with BILLIONS, wealth (on our children’s dime) being passed around like a Henry Paulson cocaine party. 1001 Government made, law enforcement protected, opportunities to SCREW OVER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE… and these m’#*~/r’s want to MAKE IT MORE SIMPLE TO MAKE WEALTH DISAPPEAR WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY? (Like a Skank Paulson bank bailout and most of the Bush presidency… 9 to 20 BILLION dollars missing in Iraq? COME ON!)

NOTE: (Ohhhh, look at this… Here’s a good example of the kind of silver spoon, white collar criminals that flourished under Bush/Cheney. Cricket promoter Sir Allen Stanford and family of Stanford Investment Bank caught in $8 BILLION fraud)

Probably the best indicator of Republicans NOT working for the best interests of the American PEOPLE: EDUCATION and SCHOOLS, what the #*~/ do the Republicans have against EDUCATION! Maybe the only way Conservatives can get elected is to dumb down the public. MS Collins? The education system in America needs healing and rebuilding after “No Children Left Behind” left most of the children behind.

NOTE: (No wonder Bush/Cheney had to spend 1.6 billion dollars on spin and buying off so-called journalists. I want to FOLLOW THAT MONEY!)

For Christ sake… you got to be kidding me… I want to knock you people out just for thinking the American public is ignorant enough to FALL FOR THIS KIND OF BULLSHIT! FOX news affiliates are reporting a sign that Iraq is good now was Valentine Day gifts were available in Iraqi markets… #*@~!/ you @$$#*^~’s!

@2009 by FGE

COMMENTS by Concerned Citizens

by nkasharri:

And fuck law enforcement too. The Fed’s are wasting our tax dollars at the state level by such things as arresting marijuana users. If our leaders had any sense they’d legalize and tax it. I know people belong to the Johnny Marijuana Seed Society. This band of radical agriculturalists are traveling around the country planting seeds EVERYWHERE. Let the Fed’s try and stop the financially strapped after they have $300,000 worth of hemp in their fields.

Everyone already knows there’s never a cop around when we need them. These motherfuckers can’t protect us. Ask Reginald Denny where the cops were while he was getting his head crushed in on Florence and Normandy. While the LA riot was raging police were 12 blocks away watching it on TV at a donut shop…

We need our guns to protect ourselves, besides what the fuck kind of government arms every savage degenerate and ruthless dictator on the planet but TAKES GUNS AWAY FROM IT’S OWN CITIZEN?

We don’t need no stink’n badges…

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to fight the Republican Party and the right-wing fanatics who support them

*Revised for
For Post and blog 2-7-09

JEEZ! The ONLY thing I’ll miss about G. W. Bush is I won’t be able to do the AM RADIO smack down on the cowboy clown from Texas no more.

Ok think about this, the House Judiciary committee on the Bush Imperial Presidency has compiled 481 pages of Bush/Cheney misdeeds. 1685 footnotes! Bush/Cheney thought it was good Conservative fiscal policy (trickle down, free market, Reaganomics or whatever bull$#!~ name you want to call it) to fill most of administration with the who’s who of K-St/Wall St. special interests.

Either Bush Jr. was SO IGNORANT or SO GREED STRICKEN because one doesn’t put the fox in the hen house by ACCIDENT! This led to a culture of unheard avarice and pure debauchery. (I heard the most popular hotspot during the 2008 Republican National Convention in MN was the airport men’s room where Larry Craig used to blow guys)

Republicans from 1983 to 2006 made things SO BAD… they started ripping off themselves. (ask former NRCC Treasurer Christopher Ward)
Silver spoon, white collar criminals, con men and sexual deviates with police and secret service protection, the wet dream of every old corrupt bastard on the planet.

NOTE: (COME ON! Any rational thinking, reasonable American citizens would choose to give Obama a chance rather than put their faith in the Republicans who got us in such a huge mess. Only right-wing fanatics and dull ditto-heads would trust these people after getting fucked in the ass for the last 8 years. Maybe the tough guys liked IT, how else does one explain the popularity of Ann Coulter, lol).

I know it’s a stretch… but for arguments sake lets say Americans can forget about the 4000+ dead, 30,000+ wounded US soldiers and GOD only knows how many Iraqis. Forget that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld took the good will of the world after 9/11 and turned it to HATE and mistrust. The 7 TRILLION dollars wasted or the 20 BILLION dollars missing or the 175,000 weapons misplaced. The $1.6 BILLION spent on spin and buying journalists. No recall of all the arms dealers and WAR profiteers that milked our national treasury. IGNORE all the Constitutional VIOLATIONS, domestic spying, soldiers getting electrocuted by shoddy workmanship, bold face lies, Justice Dept. bias, reckless economics, Walter Reed, Katrina, TORTURE!

IF THE READER CAN POSSIBLY FORGET ALL THAT… then the WORST thing the Bush Administration DID was NOT raise taxes to pay for the WAR. The debt gets passed on to your kids and grandchildren.

NOTE: (Yea BUSH won the war when he can walk the streets of Iraq without security like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did. Maybe we can talk about Bush again when he gets indicted for war crimes, waste fraud, abuse, scandal, bribery, corruption, arms dealing, etc… For GOD’s sake, it’s like the Justice department NEVER heard of the R.I.C.O. Act…

I’m going out on a limb here and send Obama and a communication on just what I REALLY THINK they need to do to save the good old USA. This isn’t fringe or radical for people who possess the CONSCIOUSNESS, but all the stiff, constipated, blue-haired conservative curmudgeons will be shocked and outraged. Rush Limbaugh will compare me to Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) and Hannity will call me a communist. BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THEM? It’s time for Democrats to start acting like they WON the elections.

The first thing I would do is give Michael Phelps a break and LEGALIZE the collie herb …ahhhh, I mean marijuana. Create an atmosphere of enlightened moderation and tax the shit out IT to save the economy. HELL YES! Take the money out of the hands of traffickers, money launderers and all the little government officials/law enforcement agents they buy off. COME ON! In my hometown we used to buy off cops with free drinks and party girls… YOU THINK I’M STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE the war on drugs, with it’s huge profits ON BOTH SIDES OF THE WAR, HASN’T fostered a wave of corruption that will plaque our great grand children?

CONCERNED CITIZENS… Don’t be suckers! Grow IT, legalize IT, tax IT and smoke it at Starbucks (lol)

Speaking of misallocation of resources let look at law enforcement, the jail/prison industrial complex and the criminal so-called justice system.
I want to know who’s invested… and WHY THEY’LL ALLOCATE TENS OF BILLIONS DOLLARS TO MAKE AMERICANS CITIZENS INTO INMATES BUT THEY WANT TO CUT SPENDING ON EDUCATION! Yea, “land of the free” my skinny Italian-American @$$… with the largest inmate population on the planet… #*~/ you too!

Now foreign policy… hummmm, lets SEE! I have only one question up front… How can a WAR on TERROR be won without making the arms dealers accountable for their actions?

I think President Obama will do a better job fighting terrorism because he will embrace the world community. Bush/Cheney chose to incite violence. I dare any Republican to go to the worst part of town, find some locals on the street and tell them to “BRING IT ON” like Bush did in Iraq. What the #*~/ did you morons THINK was going to happen? Foreign policy can’t be run like an episode of “24” on FOX or some WWF fake wrestling match. There’s a whole wealth of psychology involved with Conservative low grade thought processes.

One can see it on the faces of those who defend Bush/Cheney using the “they kept Americans safe from another terror attack...” line. They come to the water cooler all pumped up after watching “24”. Yea, it feels good watching Agent Jack Bower torture the terror suspect to save American lives. OH yea, shoot the terrorist scum in the knee, cut him up with a knife, then kick him on the wound… oooaaaahhhhh. "He's black, he's brown, waterboard the puke, he won't drown"

Hey I’m human, I know the feeling. After 9/11 I was ready to boil Osama bin Lunatic alive in pigs blood. Then I took a few deep cleansing breaths and realized a few savage, degenerates who’ve perverted Islam don’t scare me near a much as all the foolish dolts that actually believe capitalism can survive WITHOUT ethics, responsibility and accountability.

Funny how NO ONE in Homeland Security thought to save the American PEOPLE from economic terrorism. Because of Republican legislation since Reagan, our corporations and financial giants ARE NOT OWNED BY AMERICANS anymore. They didn’t have the best interests of the American people in mind. Too bad we can’t prosecute elected officials for violating their SWORN OATHS!

If a terrorist act DOES happen I can almost guarantee it originated with a covert action by one of the private Military for profit Corporations that stand to loose their lucrative cost plus contracts the never-ending war on terror can provide.

Hey it’s nothing that hasn’t happened several times in the past. I think the role of any nation’s intelligence service is to make sure the War profiteers make all they can. Example: Basra, Iraq - September 2005
Two British special forces agents, dressed as Arabs, caught by Iraqi police. UK forces actually stormed the jail where they were being held for trial and took them away. Then there’s the Whitehouse memo between Blair and Bush. There’s a reason why Bush/Cheney spent 1.6 billion on spin, paying off reporters, newspapers, radio and TV news.

NOTE: ( someone in the Obama Administration should create a registry
for each and everyone one of the mercenaries that make up the 180,000+ private military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan)

Forget NASA, cut back on weapons research, spend the money on EDUCATION and put our great minds to work on a man to the moon effort to find or perfect alternative ENERGY resources.

END MEDIA CONSOLIDATION! Break up the monopolies, end the fear mongering, hire some REAL journalists and INVESTIGATE! When you turn to those hidden cameras have it on something other than celebrity worship. I blame the mainstream media more than any other entity for the mess Bush/Cheney left us. If the #*~/’n 4th Estate had been doing it’s job… #*~/’n teleprompter readers! Journalist soup…
Most important make Clear Channel and Citadel broadcasting accept the responsibility of AM radio stations NOT working for the public interest. Funny all the Conservative talk stations are 50,000 watt.

Of course one has the right to listen to Rush Limbaugh but WHY WOULD ANY REASONABLE PERSON WANT TO? (Especially with Jim Rome on at the same time) Here’s a man who been so consistently WRONG on every issue that one might as well listen to William Kristol on FOX. Radio Free Conservative is what the intelligence community call psychological warfare. How does Limbaugh make more money than the revenue he generates? EASY because he’s getting paid for his propaganda.

While Conservatives were caught up blaming the Liberal wackos for every problem under the sun… a bunch of vain, self-serving, shameless, greed stricken, power mad, silver spoon con men ravaged and expatriated most of our nation’s wealth and resources. Nice job morons. Which Bush will you try to elect next, Jeb. In the mean time GIVE OBAMA/BIDEN A CHANCE to save us from your low grade thought processes.