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*~$ee TEA PARTY updates at end of this post: (a con is a CON)

THIS BLOG is about as PERFECT a statement any serious activist organizer could make... I want to leave just as it is and start a new blog called Class War Cyber Bitch Slap


Lesson 1 - find something that makes you ANGRY.
EXAMPLE: Reports of Dick Cheney in Israel talking smack about President Obama. “Obama will never make it in the big leagues…”, Cheney told his Jewish hosts.

WHAT? Real patriotic Dick… Do the big leagues include YOU and that mental midget George W. and all the domestic and foreign policy DISASTERS you negotiated. Like I said before Cheney is suffering from delusions of grandeur and shameless hypocrisy. Why the #*~/ isn’t Dick Cheney in prison?

Lesson 2 - figure out what are the RIGHT questions to ask.
EXAMPLE: What is this thing of pride and progress American leaders speak of? Had they put ANYTHING in place of what they had destroyed? Had they given the humanity inspiration and intellect? Had they improved the lot of the poor, afflicted and of human destiny? Or did they let the mad competition of wealth and city life cause pain and poverty?

Lesson 3 - learn to vent anger WITHOUT using knives, guns or bombs
Although I’d like nothing better than a full scale revolution where all the bureaucrats/aristocrats are quickly held accountable for VIOLATIONS of the Constitution, sworn oaths and corporate responsibilities… I keep it to myself and use it to write a fiction version of my original non-fiction manuscript. I focus my anger, turn it into sarcastic humor and make myself laugh.

EXAMPLE: I know, I KNOW, it's just a coincidence the G20 Summit starts on April Fools Day...

Instead of joining the flaming eyed, black shirted anarchist radicals who want to treat Bush/Cheney like Benito Mussolini or Nicolae Ceausescu… I turn to those amazing individuals who changed the course of human history. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Howard Zinn, John S Saloma III, Abbie Hoffman or my personal favorite Jean-Jacques Rousseau. One man who changed the world. What IS the role of genius in history, of man versus the masses and the State?

The Act of Anger to Art:
I ask myself if all my hard work, research, study and writing will ever make a difference, if I’ll be remembered for doing anything good. I’ve volunteered my political organizing skills, fixed dilapidated buildings, communicated on the internet and written documentation but for WHAT? I can’t get anyone that could make a difference to listen… So WHY not join the revolution? At the very least the playing field will be leveled.

I like to imagine I’m the reincarnation of Francois Rousseau, the long lost brother of Jean-Jacques, who ran away at an early age and disappeared from history... Can I be frank? NO? Well then let me tell of another man who was repudiated all during his life but turned his anger and frustrations into ART for all to savor after his death..."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau one day in 1749 was walking between Paris and Vincennes when a revelation came to him:

“…all at once I felt myself dazzled by a thousand sparkling lights. Crowds of vivid ideas thronged into my mind with a force and confusion that threw me into unspeakable agitation; I felt my head whirling in a giddiness like that of intoxication. A violent palpitation oppressed me. Unable to walk, I sat down under one of the trees by the road, and passed half an hour there in such a condition of excitement that when I rose I saw that the front of my waistcoat was wet with tears… Ah, if I could have written a quarter of what I saw and felt under that tree, with what clarity should have brought out all the contradictions of our social system! With what simplicity I should have demonstrated that man is by nature GOOD, and that only our institutions have made him BAD…”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: (I too had an mind blowing experience during a hike through the Blood of Christ Mountains in New Mexico. I was so stuck by a force of intellect and the power of content that it took me hours to recover. The last part of my hike out was in the darkness following stars in the clear NM sky. I came down from the mountain top and tried to pass on the message of enlightenment (I was
blessed with) by calling Conservative talk radio, writing on blogs, alternative media and cable News message boards. (lol)

(HEY! I didn’t ask for this gift, whether YOU readers want to believe in the message or not I DON’T CARE! Those who possess the CONSCIOUSNESS will UNDERSTAND)

But how could I say it BETTER than Rousseau who came before me?

a feeling heart was the foundation of all my misfortunes! …my mind seeds of indignation against our foolish social institutions, by which the welfare of the public and real justice are always sacrificed to I know not what appearance of order, which does nothing more than add the sanction of public authority to the oppression of the weak and the iniquity of the powerful…”
Rousseau and Revolution” by Will + Ariel Durant (Simon and Shuster)

Don’t take my word for it, allow me to use a passage from the Readers Companion to World Literature (Mentor Books):

“…the French writer was one of those rare individuals who, by some strange destiny, became the voice of mankind at a crucial moment in history. His writings not only helped touch off the French Revolution but led to an enthusiasm which brought French aid to the American Revolution.

In essence Rousseau argued that the natural man is happy and good and society, which abuses the benefits of civilization, tends to deprive him. He preached the recognition of man’s true nature. These ideas represented Rousseau’s revolt against the indifference to human misery shown by the aristocrats of his age. Man is born FREE, he said, but everywhere he is in chains…”

NOTE: (Read the Cyber Bitch Slap and THE BEST DAMN POLITICAL STRATEGIST 2 to get the facts of our own modern day version of what Rousseau was ANGRY about in his time. THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR, it‘s up to the reader to take the time to UNDERSTAND! THE ART OF ANGER goes against everything Americans believe in. YES or NO?

…YOU can be proud Concerned American Citizens or nothing better than frightened consumers… It’s UP TO YOU!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: (I’m very disturbed by the fact most of my Liberal friends, associates and fellow activists STILL don’t get what the hell I’m talking about. Too many Liberals are stuck in the chi chi 60’s. Still caught up in non-confrontational world of vegetarianism or some bullshit Eastern based religion… I came up with the name for my criticism of this phenomena, after a friend in So. Cal. REALLY let me down. I call it “FUCK OVER SPIRITUALISM” )

Here’s a email I sent to radio talk show host Thom Hartmann 3-26-09

I usually agree with you but while listening to the Mark Rudd interview I found myself thinking these guys spent the last 40 years stuck in the 60’s and now they’re tying to make money off it.

I’m ready to drop my non-violent stance on protest. ORGANIZE! Rudd said, for what… so the SAME few liberal spokespersons can get national airtime (over+over+) while the VOLUNTEERS WHO ARE IN THE TRENCHES ARE IGNORED? So concerned citizens can stand behind fences and barbed wire just to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY? I tried it and all it did is MAKE ME A TARGET FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT! But that’s not the most interesting part of the story… NO! The real meat and potatoes is how Democrat and Liberal leadership and organizations totally abandon us when we were TARGETED…

It’s #@*/’n uncanny… Since 2000 I’ve written to every Democratic or Liberal Organization I come across, 1000’s of letters and emails to everyone from the ACLU to Hilary Clinton to Michael Moore to Larry Flynt. (lol) At least Flynt replied to wish me well. (Howard Zinn called my work “vivid and compelling”) BUT NOT ONE OF THE LIBERAL GENERALS WHO TOOK US TO BATTLE BOTHERED TO REPLY!

I COULD GO ON… but I think the point has been made about how bad things got and how disturbing a story I have written about AND HOW THE LEFT-WING FAILED TO HELP/SUPPORT THE CONCERNED CITIZENS in the trenches doing all the WORK! That’s why Conservatives made such gains to elect that putz Bush two times, the right-wing was smart enough to embrace it’s supporters (base)

One Of the Cop’s had his book published by a Conservative publisher, even though my story is much better, I never got THAT chance!

NOTE: (One might think after Conservatives made sure police Sgt. Greg Preece got his book published “Justice for None”... SOMEONE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM WOULD HAVE SPONSORED A PERSON PRESENTING OPPOSING VEIWPOINTS!)

NOT on the Left... OoooHhhh Nooooo NOQ! There's a fight going on... the competition for the microphone by Liberals/Democrats resembles an “American Idol” Competition… a few stars getting national attention using the hard work and creativity of others.

My exposé has become the equivalent of shouting FIRE in a crowded theater. Everyone running for the exits stepping on ANYONE WHO GETS IN THEIR WAY! (I’ve got the wounds to prove it, lol)

Non-violence… #*~/ THAT! This ain’t no protest movement, this is a CLASS WAR m’#*~/r… and all you fancy boy 60’s has-beens are just getting in the way. It’s time to pass the mike and national attention to a new generation of radicals who want JUSTICE and ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s like you’re spitting on the memory of Rousseau.

Tell Rudd to go back into the Liberal closet with all the Ginenne Garafalo’s and Michael Moore’s and Arrianna Huffington’s and etc., etc., etc… that let the Bush and the Republicans #*~/ over our nation SO BAD! What the #*~/ did you people REALLY DO about it besides feather you own nest? I bet you don’t have the courage to give me airtime… you’re IT

To be honest I’ve almost had IT with Democrats and Liberals… Because of my ideological beliefs I’ve worked with, associated, dated and put my faith in people on the Left side of the political spectrum ONLY TO BE LET DOWN IN ALMOST EVERY RELATIONSHIP! It’s a phenomenon I’m still trying to understand… I’m heading back East just to see if it’s a people who live west of the Mississippi character flaw. (lol) HEY don’t blame me… At least the Republicans don’t pretend they’re NOT vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, spiritually fucked over, sexually frustrated ideologues!

In any case most individuals from the Left-wing are too stuck in the chi chi 60’s for MY NEEDS, so I’m seriously thinking of turning Republican to help the poor ignorant Conservative wacko, right-wing fanatical bastards out of the Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Fox News daze/stupor they’ve been suffering from. The bad influences of right-wing rhetoric and propaganda is leading the fanatics to do terrible things. (SEE NEWS: recent murders involving immigrant, gay and inmate victims) They need some Conscious guidance:

Olive branch to Conservatives
THE MESSAGE: As far as G20 World Economics goes, I’m not even going to try and understand what all those bleeping bureaucrats are up to. The only thing I know for sure is that the American PEOPLE have no control over it. Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, 3rd Party or that one guy that always talks about Ron Paul… It doesn’t matter what you think, do or say as far as the Feds are concerned. The Feds have been throwing the BILLIONS of dollars around for so long now they’ve lost all concept of what it’s worth to the average American. Sad to say but “Of, By and For the PEOPLE” isn’t what it used to be.

I’m encouraged by the fact Conservatives are finally getting out to the streets for some Civil Disobedience but the reality is unless your Tea Party includes thousands of people storming government buildings and using those tea bags to tar and feather government officials IT’S REALLY NOT GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Since most modern day Americans don’t possess the COURAGE for a REAL revolution, I think you people have to admit your limitations and take small steps. One of the few politicians I ever really liked was longtime speaker of the House, Democrat Tip O’Neill. Good ole "Tip" used to tell the PEOPLE how it really was. He came up with great lines such as “ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL POLITICS”.

And THAT’S the secret. There’s really only 2 choices, full scale revolution or local politics. You want to make a difference, do it in you own community first... It's like what Frankie Sinatra used to say “if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere”.

Just make sure you have a clear set of principles so people don’t end up thinking you a shameless hypocrite. Lets say you’re always complaining about the economy but you’re driving a foreign make car, shop at WalMart and eat at Pizza Hut, then your peers will know you’re full of shit. You want to help the US economy, support you local business people. If you KNOW there’s a General Mills Plant in town employing fellow Americans, then BUY General Mills products. Now to be fair the same thing goes for General Motors and all it’s Union workers you Conservatives like to demonize.

That plant worker who makes a decent wage, maybe spends some dollars in your store or for your services and on down the line it goes. The main reason the US economy went bad is because for the last decade most of our dollars have been going to Asia. Let’s face facts the only power the American PEOPLE have left is as consumers.

As far as Pizza Hut goes, I don’t care they sell pizzas for $5, I won’t pay 2 cents for those nasty things the pawn off as pizza. No, if I want pizza I give the business to my local community establishment. I go to Pete’s of Brooklyn Pizza Parlor where they really know how to spin the dough. I get a nice pepperoni, black olive, pepper Stromboli and I’m a happy man, knowing I just made the US economy stronger...

UPDATE: I think RADIO FREE CONSERVATIVE and FOX Spin... ahhh I mean News, OWES the President an apology for the way Limbaugh, Hannity and most of it’s local callers portrayed Obama as a coward or too weak to resolve this Somali pirate hostage crisis…

UPDATE: Easter 4-12-09
I got the good news Easter morning. There I was browning the Italian sausage in olive oil and garlic ready to put them in the tomato sauce when I heard the TV blare out the “special report” announcement. Ohhh happy days, my heart jumped with joy… Captain Philips was rescued from the Somali pirates.

It was a foreign policy test of President Obama that he passed with (cool, calm, collected) flying colors. (all you Limbaugh, Hannity Conservative wackos and right-wing fanatics OWE the President an apology for all the things you said about him last Thursday and GOOD FRIDAY) Thank GOD Bush wasn’t still in power, the crazy cheerleader would have invaded several countries just to prove how much a MAN he is. (W. prancing around in a flight suit declaring VICTORY) Rumsfeld would have broke the U.S. economy with all kinds of private security, supplemental expenses and cost plus contract$.

NOTE: ( I can’t wait to hear how all the Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck types SPIN this rescue. They probably won’t even mention it, bringing up petty bull$#!~ to misdirect all the ignorant, degenerate people who follow them)

Apparently the Navy Snipers were WELL PREPARED and SURGICAL in the strike mission. Obama was lucky to have reliable trustworthy patriotic military support around him to resolve this hostage crisis. A luxury Jimmy Carter didn’t enjoy during his presidency… If Ollie North had run this recent rescue mission for his president all the Navy ships would have ended up on the bottom of the Indian Ocean just to get Republicans elected. HONOR? …my @$$!

By the way I hope the TEA PARTY protests all you crazy Glen Beck/Karl Rove types have been promoting goes well and actually gets ALL of your angry supporters out to the streets to make a STATEMENT! If NOTHING else concerned citizens, political activists and law enforcement agents (across the nation) will be able to film and identify WHO the Conservative wackos and right-wing fanatics ARE in their city… (welcome to the world of surveillance, keeping track of dissidents, LOL)

Glen Beck/Karl Rove REBEL YELL for TEA PARTY: “taxes on the rich, are a real bitch, we don’t pay for WAR, let the children pay FOR, consumers just want MORE, ALL WE WANT TO SEE, is tax cuts for the wealthy” cHANT cHANT! (lol)

Do the Republicans/Conservatives have NOTHING ELSE except THAT? (and Chia Obama) Petty m’#*@~/r’s!

*~UPDATE: 4-16-09 …after the Tea Party

I’m so sick of the old time giggly, stuck in the chi chi 60’s Liberals on the radio. Downplaying the Tea Parties doesn’t make their symbolism go away… Democrats/Liberals are too stuck living off the 2008 election victories to realize Republicans/Conservatives are winning the WAR!

I phoned and emailed every Democrat in Congress and BEGGED them not to vote for the Bush/Paulson bailout.
That’s the problem with most Democrats, they’re not street smart. I tried to teach Americans that a con is a CON, doesn’t matter in a back alley or the Ivory Tower… the trick is to recognize IT and NOT GET PLAYED FOR FOOLS! And that’s exactly what Bush/Paulson did to the naive Democrats with the bailout. They took 7 and a half years of Bush/Cheney reckless economics and put it in the hands of the Democratic Congress in one weekend. NO ETHICS, NO RESPONSIBILITY, NO ACCOUNTABILITY and the dumb ass, m’#*~/’n Democrats in Congress ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN! The ONLY thing that got bailed out was the Bush/Cheney legacy! Think about how great things would be right now if you hadn’t passed the BAILOUT! (@$$holes)

Limbaugh, Hannity and the FOX News ARE GOING TO SPIN THIS THING TO DEATH because it’s ALL THEY‘VE GOT! The video of those 750 locations and 112,000 Tea Partiers are the make or break of the disgraced Republicans like Gingrich, Tom Delay, Ralph Reed and others who laid the groundwork for this Wall St K-St. economic nightmare we’re now living.

Note: (Go to Bill Moyers Journal and watch the episode titled “Capital Crimes”. Then maybe, MAYBE you’ll know what I’m talking about. There’s people on the American scene that want the Bush/Cheney Administration, Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich and most of Congress (1986-2006) prosecuted and PUNISHED, but they‘re not getting any news coverage)

Tea Party Organizers like Charlotte Salazar here in New Mexico, who had among the bigger turnouts in several NM cities, will be courted by the Republican Party and made into a star… (Republicans have never organized Civil disobedience before) NM Republicans Party will embrace Charlotte and call her their own. Failed Republican candidates (in the last election where Democrats sweep the state) were given new life and hope and the past will be forgotten.

NOTE: so-called Representatives of the PEOPLE, Steve Pearce and Heather Wilson were dishing out their “8 million jobs” “Growing economy will pay for War in Iraq” BULLSHIT… just a few weeks before the news of an economic crisis came to light in 2008

Here is where these TEA Partiers are, at the crossroads. Do they let Fox News sway them back to the Republican Party or do they REALIZE they have the power to form a new Third Party that will ACTUALLY WORK FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE. (you remember all that about “Of, By and For the PEOPLE”, right?)

I think Democrats and Liberals are making a mistake by giggling about the Tea Parties. I realize it how hypocritical it is these Conservative morons are blaming Obama/Biden for the economy and while they were protesting against high taxes Obama announced a TAX CUT, but I’m giving them a B+ for a good first time effort. For ME, this Tea Party was a great success… let me explain.

Here in the west I’ve spent the last 5 years calling Conservative talk radio (KFI-am 640 LA, KKOB-am 770 ABQ, 50,000 watts heard in 17 western states) and WARNING all the Conservatives about the reckless economic policy of the Bush/Cheney Administration. All I got was insults and threats from right-wing fanatics who call these shows ( I have it all on audio tape) I know the sounds of their voices so I’m sure these same callers supported the TEA Party. I’m putting together a video now that will show these Tea Parties are nothing but politics. I now can ask the legitimate question: WHERE THE #*~/ WERE YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR ECONOMIC OUTRAGE 5 YEARS AGO? You don’t REALLY care about the economy, you’re just sore losers and shameless hypocrites who have nothing BETTER to do but blame Obama.

How convenient it is just to ignore/forget the fact Bush/Cheney and a Republican Congress ran up a 5 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. That the Corporate Crime Wave (who put profit before patriotism) used lobbyists to buy government officials for about the same price as a high-class prostitute.

What Conservatives can’t seem to grasp, fail to understand or been brainwashed so bad by Radio Free Conservative and Tokyo Rush that the right-wing fanatics have LOST the capacity to reason… During the Bush/Cheney Administration all appointment and positions were filled with the Who’s WHO of Wall St. and K-St. attorneys and lobbyists. They set in motion a culture of greed, waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruptionn and sexual degeneracy that lasts to this day.

If the Tea Partiers had ANY sense of what it is to be patriotic American Citizens, instead of crying for tax cuts for the same rich people who scammed you… YOU’D HAVE SPENT TODAY DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THEIR CRIMES! I don’t think they have the brains, imagination or COURAGE for such a grand step forward… instead I see them taking 2 steps BACK with the Karl Roves and the Newt Gingrichs and Tom Delays, and Ralph Reeds and Rush Limbaughs and Shaun Hannitys and Ann Coulters and Dick Cheneys and all the OTHER incompetent ideologues who left the USA in ruins…

April 15, 2009 was a great day for ME. Not only was my grand social experiment on Conservative Talk Radio JUSTIFIED… but while walking through the crowd at the Tea Party… I met a sexy, beautiful woman who doesn’t care I’m a political boat-rocker. I’ve always been into Republican women, most really know how to treat a men. Who needs porn when there's the leggy women of FOX News? Sad to say, a GROWING number of females on the Left side of the political spectrum are either self-absorbed victims who’d rather have a relationship with a vibrating dildo than a good man OR man hating Lesbians… (I know, I KNOW... SEXIST!) lol

did I say that out loud? (lol)

C2009 by FGE THIS COMMUNICATION IN NO WAY RELEASES COPY OR INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS TO CONTENT WITHOUT PERMISSION (I swear to the Almighty, the next m#*~/r that plagiarizes my content and ideas without giving me some of the credit/props/rewards, I’m going to s…)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


To President Obama (whitehouse.gov);

Honestly, what the nation NEEDS to heal, is investigations into WHY so many well-paid workers in the SEC, FCC, rating agencies, government officials, news media during the Bush/Cheney era, MISSED the SIGNS of the economic meltdown. Was all the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruption, etc. an organized effort to scam the honest, hardworking, patriotic citizens who put their faith in the system? (CNBC among the other news outlets really dropped the ball, huh)

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE demand accountability and EQUAL JUSTICE! Why is it elected officials, public sector workers and the well-connected, rich and powerful GET AWAY WITH THE KIND OF CRIMES THAT WOULD HAVE US IN THE MIDDLE CLASS PRIVATE SECTOR FIRED AND PROSECUTED?

WHAT ABOUT protections for Whistle Blowers? WHAT THE #*~/ HAPPENED TO THAT? True leaders would EMBRACE those with the courage to do what’s RIGHT. I mean, if it’s TRUE all that I hear about rebuilding the “foundations”, RIGHT? (americansunited.org) (Media Matters) Getting individuals the American PEOPLE can TRUST seems to be a good place to start…

Also recovery of stolen assets from the Bernie Madoff’s/Allen Stanford’s scumbag, silver spoon, con men types MUST be taken into account. That’s WHAT, 60-70 BILLION DOLLARS on the line from Madoff/Stanford alone? And the government is bragging about recovering approximately ONE BILLION? (The Public Sector sets such LOW STANDARDS for themselves, don’t they?) What about all the missing BILLIONS in Iraq? AND WHAT OFF-SHORE ACCOUNTS the loveless, sons a bitches hid the money in…


I think President Obama is making a HUGE mistake ignoring the DEMANDS for Accountability the American PEOPLE are voicing over the economic meltdown AND criminal domestic/foreign policy DISASTERS perpetrated by the Bush/Cheney administration. The Congress, Justice Dept. and mainstream News media need to START investigations into the Who, What, When, Where and HOW all this waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruption and VIOLATIONS of the Constitution was allowed to happen.

Very rarely is a Con man alone, not the good ones anyway. For every Dick Cheney, Bernie Madoff, Allen Sanford, etc... there’s got to be at least a dozen people below them either IN on the con (family members, accountants, sex partners) or NOT DOING THEIR JOBS in government (law enforcement, regulation, oversight) Add to the mix a news media that’s bought and paid for. I’m not afraid to say the last 8 years have been the greatest rip-off scam in the history of the human race. The sums, scope and dimension is beyond even my imagination and will take years to completely understand. THE PENALTIES and PUNISHMENT should be as extreme as the crimes …so this kind of thing NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

(...anything LESS is the policy of cowards! you #*~/'n pussies)

Really, WHERE the #*~/ is a Ferdinand Pecora or Frank Church when WE NEED THEM? Maybe all you silver spoon, aristocrats missed IT, but there’s A LOT OF ANGRY PEOPLE OUT THERE! I travel across this great nation in my role as activist organizer. I hear from the AVERAGE AMERICAN and a good representation of the 40 MILLION Concerned Citizens struggling below the poverty level and THEY ARE PISSED OFF AND READY TO ACT! More than once I’ve heard talk of retaliation if the government doesn’t take care of the problems. GOD help the USA if Obama/Biden fails because there’s a lot of insurrection on the horizon and it won’t be pretty.

NOTE: (Maybe all you geniuses who live in the Ivory Towers, might want to hire me as a consultant, I can provide the type of PROTECTION and Plan B strategies your Spin Doctors/attorneys don’t understand. Believe me, THE TIME IS NOW! Just remember law enforcement and the military won’t help you from what’s coming, if the PEOPLE don’t get EQUAL JUSTICE and ACCOUNTABILITY! I always give the example of 1992 Rodney King verdict riots in So. Cal. Ask Reginald Denny where law enforcement was while he was getting his head crushed on Florence and Normandy… about 15 blocks away in a donut shop watching it on TV, lol)

Here in NM, so-called Representatives of the PEOPLE such as Steve Pearce and Heather Wilson were dishing out their “8 million jobs” “Growing economy will pay for War in Iraq” BULLSHIT… just a few weeks before the economic crisis came to light

AUTHOR'S NOTE: CHANGE! That’s what I was promised but I’m not feeling the change in the economic policy. During the election it was all bottom up, bottom up… but as far as I can tell it all been TOP DOWN! The same old timey Conservative trickle down theory that has destroyed the Middle class. Obama handing out billions to the Hedge and private equity funds isn’t making the 40 million American people that exist below the poverty level very happy. It’s like Obama is institutionalizing the “too big to fail” Corporate state. Rewarding private investors while putting the taxpayer at great risk. To re-create the Corporate institutions that got us in trouble in the first place. I may be wrong but Wall St. should NOT be the standard by which our economy is judged. Stock Market goes up… GREAT, but what does THAT say while the jobless numbers are staggering?

I wrote all my so-called representatives in government when Bush/Paulson started this whole bailout nightmare and told them I’d rather sleep in a cardboard box than let Bush reckless economic policy rule for the next 10 years. This isn’t what I volunteered most of my free time in 2007-08 to get Democrats elected for. So Obama could turn into ANOTHER Beaugeois black person who got to the top and then forgot WHY...

Yea, get all giddy about visiting that rich &^><~ the Queen, she's a HO! Just like all those other elitist Royal pain in the @$ Brit’s that have done terrible things to the planet like... ANYWAYS, I’m not feeling all Obama said about BOTTOM UP, right now. Not while watching all this pitiful news coverage of Barack and Michele meet the Queen, THEY EVEN TOUCH THE QUEEN! (#*~/ you too @$$^*/{‘s) WHAT'S NEXT? Obama kissing the right shoulder of some Saudi Royal… What is IT with Black people and Royalty? They’ve turned into such celebrity worshipers, every one from Tupac to #*~/n Prince Philip, kiss the master’s royal robe.


I’ve heard from several Black women who were telling me how the writing for such + such TV show was innovative and breakthrough or some other high praise I can’t even remember because I was thinking “WHO GIVES A FUCK?" It’s a #*~/’n TV show, even worse a #*~/’n DRAMA! Just to make the conversation a little more HELLISH… she was talking about a cop drama… and then I watched it and realized the Stylishly new TV show cop/hero WAS A SERIAL KILLER TOO!

What? I’m NOT GETTING IT woman… WHY the fuck is this TV bull$#!~ so important to you? AND WHY ARE YOU WASTING MY TIME WITH IT? Blow me! It’s a phenomenon not unlike inmates in jail for SO LONG, that when the guards play the FOX TV show COPS constantly… the prisoners start cheering for the cops??
? It's sad to watch...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: (Ohhhh, get over it and don't even start about me being a racist... that's bullshit and Don Rickles will tell you the same thing...) #*~/'N STIFFS, you @~'s got money... why don't you get someone to buy you A SENSE OF HUMOR!)

Note: Michael Savage is on the radio talking about Obama’s MOTHER! lol…

(yea, I’m crazy)

...people united, we’ll never be divided. Bullshit!

ok now that I got that RAGE out of me, let's move on


Post Bush/Cheney/Paulson Manifesto
(declaration of Principles, policies and objectives for 2009-11)

Republicans owe Obama/Biden 2 years free from conflict because it will take at least that long to sort out the MESS Bush/Cheney and Congress left for them. It’s a disaster much worse than anyone imagined. My adversary’s can dispute my argument but they can’t put down my sources of information. Especially while most Conservatives are reverting back to the old timey Right-wing debating standards such as “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT” (lol, What happen to the CONTENT?)

FRONTLINE (PBS) is what I consider one of the last bastions of responsible investigative journalism. And so after a month of PBS pledge drive motivational speaker shitty programming.. FRONTLINE returned with 2 hours of just what I needed to know about the economy. First an updated version of “Inside the Meltdown”, then the extremely enlightening “Ten Trillion and Counting”. I can’t imagine what else the American PEOPLE would be watching in these dire times.

Here’s the Frontline breakdown/summery of the Bush/Cheney economic policy. “…borrowed from China/Saudi Arabia so richest members of society could have tax cuts leaving the debt/bill to our children…”

Now put THAT with job loses, 2 wars, failing infrastructure, failing education system, failing healthcare system, terrorist threats and Dick Cheney covert operations. I’m sure there’s something I left out but I’m already overwhelmed just sitting here thinking about IT. I CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT PRESIDENT OBAMA IS GOING THROUGH! The only thing I’m really sure of is NO matter what Obama does it CAN’T BE ANY WORSE THAN Bush…

It’s time for sacrifices, hard choices and fiscal responsibility. The kind of pain and suffering experienced by our troops and their families who were asked to carry the load. While these heroic men and women were overseas fighting terrorism, back on the home front Americans didn’t sacrifice a thing, not even paying for the war. The great American scrubs so fiscally irresponsible they think not paying taxes but passing on the cost to our children, is the RIGHT THING?

I’d go so far as calling it treasonous, that SO MANY participated in the reckless economics. If the Americans of WWII are know as “The Greatest Generation” then during the last 8 years are definitely among the WORST!

Elected officials doing all they can to look good but achieving the exact opposite. Frontline reminded me of the first few years of the Bush/Cheney administration. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil begged Bush to limit the tax cuts, ESPECIALLY IF HE WAS GOING INTO WAR! Instead of listening to the experts George W. decided “I’m not going down like my Daddy, hee hee, READ MY LIPS…”. O’Neil was fired and the Worst Generation started on it’s way to destroying America. NO ETHICS, NO RESPONSIBILITY, NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

For anyone who doesn’t think PURE party politics isn’t the main driver for Conservatives I give you this. While President Obama was speaking to the American PEOPLE on Tuesday night, (3-24-09) Republicans were busy raising 6 million dollars for the next election war fund. I DEMAND the list of contributors that could raise THAT HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY in so short a time. These are the individuals who need to be WATCHED! The Republican Party Conservatives wacko’s and right-wing fanatics weren’t listening, don’t have an alternative plan and will do everything in their waning power to make sure Obama fails.

They’ll use all the dirty tricks and tools the base has to offer. Like GOD’s War Monger Pastor Hagee ORGANIZING the ignorant, delusional flock…

LISTEN to the Limbaugh’s of the nation criticizing Obama… Like I said before, NO ALTERNATE PLAN just whining and complaining. These Conservative morons have no idea they’re going against the same economic principles used by their own leaders.

George W. Bush, who was the first president in 30 years to inherit a budget surplus, spent the nations wealth like a crack Ho with a credit card. Who benefited from this policy? The oil companies, the war profiteers, the Corporate Crime Wave and the prescription drug companies. How else does one explain Medicare Part D? Estimates of this disastrous legislation costing the American taxpayer 8 trillion! I didn’t hear the Limbaugh’s complaining during the first 5 years of Bush/Cheney while the President NEVER vetoed a spending bill…

Reagan had the largest tax increase since the Great Depression. Growing deficits of the 80’s forced Reagan to raise taxes. Military spending on a scale not known in human history while reducing the per citizen revenue TRICKLING down to local governments. And WHAT did your “Heritage god” Ronald Wilson Reagan DO to address TERRORISM? Well, after 200 Marines were blown off the face of the planet… Reagan (I think right-wing fanatics call it) “CUT AND RUN!”

AND George Herbert Walker Bush? Even though he told Americans “Read my lips, no new taxes”… The REALITY of budget deficits caused tax increases. But ohhhh NO! Not his son… George W. Bush choose politics instead of sound economic principles. Like his buddies at Wall St. and K-St, prized short term gains VS. long term prosperity.

So the Limbaugh’s of the nation NEED TO SHUT THE #*~/ UP and give Obama/Biden a break for at least 2 years. I figure it will take THAT long just to unravel the domestic and foreign policy DISASTERS Bush/Cheney left for the new administration.

NOTE: (Congress needs to come back to reality, DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS! Thank GOD for the Progressives…


Michael Savage is on the radio taking about police shootings in Oakland, saying the government should put the military on the streets to gun down drug dealers. I’M DISTURBED President Obama is falling into the Drug War trap… A miserable, mind-numbing, never-ending, EXPENSIVE failure that led to a wave of corruption that will plague our grand children. If I worked as a narc or for the DEA I'd be ashamed to admit it.

REALITY NOW! The first drug law was PASSED IN 1914 (Harrison Narcotics Tax Act) by Woodrow Wilson... Has the problem been solved YET? With productivity like that in the private sector and we’d still be driving Model T’s, shoveling coal and hauling blocks of ice. (lol)

Now here’s another way to look at that problem… Legalize Drugs! TAX THE #*~/ OUT OF IT! ~uckit! If stupid motherfuckers want to spend their precious lives doing hard drugs then, ~uckem and everyone that looks like them! They’d be smoking potato peels if there was nothing else, so why expend precious wealth toward a hopeless cause? THIN THE HERD, baby!

The US Treasury can’t save EVERYBODY! Get rid of the narc squads, the DEA and the Drug Czar. How much does THAT save? It a SERIOUS MISALLOCATION OF RESOURCES. Just think about a realistic and sound policy toward drug use. Think of the possibilities…

Rich tourists would come to our country to sit in our marijuana/hashish café’s. Crack heads/speed freaks/heroin addicts wouldn’t be out jacking people for their daily fix. NONONOno! It would be regulated, moderated and monetized for ALL the people… NOT JUST THE DRUG TRAFFICERS!

I’M NOT JOKING HERE! After getting all the facts from Frontline, WE’RE FUCKED! Unless a miracle from the lord god almighty or some ingenious technology innovation saves our ass. I’m sick of these outrageous government deficits, anyways…

We’re going to have to cut back on ALL NONESSENTIAL government services and it shouldn’t be at the expense of the sick, disabled and poor. They’re NOT the ones who got us in this economic nightmare. I think civil servants who retire at 50 on full pension while working another job ARE A BIGGER PROBLEM!

TORTURE the Wall St. K-St. criminals who ruined our economy until they tell us where they hid all the billions of dollars. Thanks to the Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay Congress of the 90’s who legislated everything the GREED stricken scumbags needed to ruin our economy. Like the Expatriate Clause they hid in Clinton Family Leave Bill that allowed BILLIONS to be taken out of the country, PENALTY FREE!

Torture was good enough for the degenerate Muslim fanatics under the National Security banner. The economy is going to hurt us more than any terror attack, so I think it’s our duty to get our children’s money back from the vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon American Psychos that put profit before patriotism, politics before economics, short term gains VS. long term prosperity…

NEXT - Exorcism of the Pentagon. (Read “Armies of the Night” by Norman Mailer and “Soon to be a Major Motion Picture” by Abbie Hoffman. About how the police state came down on those that tried to cast the evil out of the Pentagon. The most powerful, expensive military entity in the history of the human race) Talk about scaring Conservatives

Am I joking? Ahhhhh… GOD BLESS AMERICA! If anyone wants to see a Conservative loose it, walk up to one and say: In the name of the Almighty GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT… Satan be gone! (lol) SAY IT AGAIN! Repeat after m…

NEWS UPDATE: 3-30-09
Michael Savage announces there is NO MORE GOLD in Fort Knox.

ABC News reports those stuffy Brit's are protecting former AIG scumbag Joe Cassano... The man many experts are blaming for bringing down AIG and the US economy. He walked away with 300 MILLION?

...ok, is anyone angry yet?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I’m the Picasso of getting PEOPLE pissed off. It’s NOT mean to be mean and nasty, I use this talent as a TOOL. As far as political organizers are concerned… ANGER is one of the best ways to gather a crowd. It’s also a great way to judge the character of those who are gathering. There’s no lying while one is angry , the truth will be all over one’s body language. AND (more often than not)THE STUFF I COME UP WITH IS A REAL ADRENALINE JERKER. If people don’t get angry after a few meetings with me than they’re either a trained law enforcement agent or one of those silly bastards that are all hung up on non-confrontational protesting. Like THAT wore-out strategy worked so #*~/’n well the last few decades. After the MADNESS of Bush/Cheney… I consider this the cowards way out.

Snap out of IT Liberals! You people need to get back to “check and balances” and “eternal vigilance”. While you morons were giving RESPONSE TRAINING before any protest event, teaching the ANGRY MASSES ABOUT THE SINS OF PROVOCATION and ACTUALLY FIGHTING BACK! Bush/Cheney and all their vain, greed stricken, power mad, war profiteering CRONIES… pulled down your pants and #*~/ed YOU (and your children) RIGHT IN THE @$$! (maybe cowards like that sort of thing) AND YOU DID VERY LITTLE TO STOP IT! …besides talk

NOTE: (I’m directing this at stuck in the 60‘s “beer hippies” and especially the Hip Hop generation, all you rhymer’s are ALL TALK… or should I say RAP… FIGHT THE POWER“ my skinny Italian-American @$$! #*~/‘n bling bling dogg, FlavorFlav, copycat, m‘#*~/r‘s)

No while all you silly, stupid, self-absorbed, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshipping COWARDS were being side tracked and misdirected… FREEDOM BECAME A DELICATE CONCEPT! Don’t you people want to preserve all that about LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE? If not the AMERICAN PEOPLE than WHO? ARE YOU CONCERNED CITIZENS or nothing better than a frightened consumer?

Ohhhhh #*~/ NO! I realized a LONG TIME AGO to get in people’s face and then in their head. YOU won’t forget ME after a few meetings.

In 1999-2004 I walked the police lines many times at major protest marches/rallies. I’d teach the young people the SIGNS as we walked past the riot gear clad officers. Some Cops had concern or fear in their eyes but there’s always one willing to cross the thin blue line. Ohhhh yea, there he is, look at his grip on the billy club, the white knuckles, veins popping in his neck and forehead. That’s where I’d stop face to face…

I know what you thinking officer, if only the news cameras weren’t here… you’d crack my head open, right? I’d take it almost to the limit and keep making my talking points until I could almost feel the cross-hairs of the police sniper on the roof top across the street.

The fascist m’#*~/’s might hate the shit out of me but they’ll NEVER forget what I say. So next time they had a decision to abuse their power or pull their gun there’d be that split second of ACCOUNTABILITY on the mind. Law enforcement agents NEED this kind of sensitivity training and conscious enlightenment. They need to realize that the true criminals in our society have been getting police/secret service protection.

c2009 by FGE

Monday, March 23, 2009



Things are much worse than anyone realizes. Our system has failed it’s PEOPLE in so many ways I feel like I’m living in Romania under Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena (At least Romanians had the courage for a revolution to get rid of THEIR Bush/Cheney) BANG!

A big “BALL OF CONFUSION”. I think Jay Leno on the Tonight Show had the best idea of last week: “AIG and Congress should make a suicide pact”. lol, now that’s funny… and we haven’t even got to the Student Loan scandal yet.

I’d add the Supreme Court and 3 of the living former Presidents, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay and definitely DICK CHENEY! For GOD’s sake, you don’t think the Left isn’t going to attack Dick Cheney after he tells the American PEOPLE, it wasn’t my responsibility because “STUFF HAPPENS”. Not me man, I’m going to beat it DEAD with stick until you dumb ass Conservatives start to hear. Start to realize WHAT you’re defending.

CHENEY and Neo-cons suffering from SHAMELESS delusions of grandeur… IN 2009?

Since I started listening/calling Conservative Talk Radio 10 years ago, ONE thing I’ve learned became PERFECTLY clear. You Conservatives can dish out the liberal wacko name calling, insults, jokes BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WHEN IT’S DIRECTED AT YOU!

For over a decade I’ve had to hear about Rush Limbaugh and all his little ditto-head parrots insulting ME, my ideology and my belief system on a daily basis. YEA, I'm tak'n IT personal, ya @*@/$^~'s!

It was Liberal wacko this, Clinton that, Democrat the other thing! Complain and whine like a bunch of right-wing, fat ass, cigar smoking, pain killer addicted, cry babies. Those sexual degenerates Larry Craig, Ken Starr, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, etc... with their "nasty naughty boy" morality play bullshit.

Even though it was a time of unprecedented prosperity and good times. Now that the Conservatives choice of Bush/Cheney left America in ruins and it’s time to take YOUR lumps… YOU STIFFS CAN’T TAKE IT! Bush/Cheney #*~/ed up SO BAD… the results of their reckless economic policy got most of the Republican Congress to vote for a 90%+ tax increase… The only good thing to come out of Bush/Cheney is they made rich White men look SO BAD that Barack Obama was actually elected president.

If I was investigating the failed economy, I’d start on all the WAR PROFITEERS! Prince Bandar Bush, his association with with the Bush Crime Family and former FBI officials. Then move on to good ole boy George W. and his silver spoon, butt#*~/, cheerleader buddies employed by J.P. Morgan and Lehman Bros and Bear Sterns OR maybe actions of former Treasury Sec. Paulson at Goldman Sachs... maybe even check out Phil Graham... because THAT’S where the worst of the Wall St. FRAUD happened first.

You Conservatives HATE me because the TRUTH I speak makes you look bad to the youth.

No Dick Cheney, not stuff... SHIT HAPPENS AND YOU'RE FULL OF IT! And all you Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) m'#*~/r's doing nothing but badmouthing Democrats with every sentence you make... YOUR TIME IS COMING TOO!

UPDATE: 4-5-09 Newt Gingrich is on ABC Sunday Morning now... (Tom Delay on MSNBC)

No let’s not be positive and give Obama a chance to use his worldwide popularity get things done… Noooo, that’s NOT cool, let’s listen to that doughy scrub Newt Gingrich and his crazy fear mongering TALK about the dreaded electro magnetic pulse weapons, 9/11, be scared. As far as North Korea goes, I’m more afraid of those flying monkey’s from the Wizard of OZ than Kim Jong Ill, he’s almost dead and next in line to the throne is his son who like go to Japan to party. NO! What scares me is that Conservatives are still listening to the like of Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay who did a HELL of a lot more damage to the USA than any terrorist
. ...and yet they're still being rewarded?

Monday, March 16, 2009

ABC NEWS rescues Bush/Cheney, the rich, well-connected and powerful

Ohhh boy… Here goes ABC network TV making it’s own news again. I can’t even imagine how John Stossels did a whole 20/20 special avoiding the root causes of America’s problems. Or why George Stephanopoulos is winner of the coveted Walter Cronkite Award…

Then on Sunday the ABC News empire and all it’s resources will be used this week to save the Bush/Cheney War in Iraq legacy. Of course it’s just a COINCIDENCE Dick Cheney will be making the rounds telling everyone who’ll listen how ABC News said Iraq is good now. Over the weekend, Dick took credit for saving the nation because of his torture policy. It’s like the NY Times article that got us in Iraq in the first place.

The specials won’t include footage of Iraqi’s saying they were better off under Saddam Hussein. Or if the American PEOPLE think the war was worth the lives of 4000+ US soldiers or BORROWING 2 trillion dollars from Communist China. Will ABC News go to all the refugee camps or talk to MILLIONS OF Iraq’s that have been expatriated/displaced? Will they interview the families of the GOD only knows how many dead and missing Iraqi’s? Show stock video of the maimed children, little arms and legs anf bloody puddles on the landscaping?

NOTE: (I think responsible journalism died somewhere between the time of the OJ murder trial and the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski scandal. News became something else…) ABC executive murdered on street not long after this post

Streamlined crews of so-called news people with their hidden cameras and investigative teams working on so much fluff and celebrity worship gossip news it actually made me physically ILL. Like it was important I know if Olivia Newton John’s ex lover committed insurance fraud. I WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE OTHER THINGS! Y’know, vital issues, legitimate cases, political exposes, results of controversial legislation, stuff like THAT!#*~/>’S.

These mothefuckers didn’t do a thing to find out the truth during the lead-up to the War in Iraq. Ohhh nooo they were falling all over themselves, dreams of SHOCK and AWE footage dancing in their heads. Too busy attending cocktail parties for research and investigation into WMD’s or “yellow cake”.

AND NOW, these shameless, irresponsible so-called journalists want to justify (ALONG WITH THE BUSH/CHENEY ADMINISTRATION) the WAR in Iraq. Make it a lovable nation where they can sell ice cream at night and spend their oil money on Western goods… See how excited the locals got when the found Valentine’s Day decorations at the market. (lol) It’s truly a photo opportunity Democracy, a wonderful place where reporters can drive through the countryside without being blown off the FACE of the planet or tortured before beheading. The report on the new girls school due to the heroic military presence, forgot to tell about the bombs that were found built into the walls.

NOTE: Like I’ve said before Iraq will be a victory for Bush/Cheney when they can walk the streets of Iraq without 10,000 troops, security and air support. Like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did…

News organizations deserve to be investigated to see if they took any of the $1.6 billion Bush/Cheney spent on spin and buying off reporters. It’s not like we DON’T have loads of evidence, I say the mainstream news media should be held accountable for NOT keeping an informed population.

I blame the so-called news journalists for not doing their job during the 8 miserable years of Bush/Cheney. NOT REPORTING ON ALL THE WASTE, FRAUD, ABUSE, SCANDAL, CORRUPTION, ARMS DEALING, WAR PROFITEERING, etc… I don’t feel you people have lived up to your public service obligations. Those are the public airwaves you’re using, right… Or did Republicans give THAT away too?

It’s NOT like I can change the channel to find some NEWS worth watching. I cut my cable TV after the Democrats passed the Bush/Paulson bailout package. All the chattering, stammering Cable news pundits became VERY ANNOYING! The kicker was when that @$$**~ Chris Mathews had Tom Delay on as an expert commentator... #*~/ you too. Delay should be in a prison cell!

Ohhhh look! CBS is rescuing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke with a lighthearted jaunt down the main street of his youth. Ben understands what Americans are feeling. It was hard to tell but Ben said he is very angry and upset over the AIG bonus situation.

NOTE: Never eat a meal while watching the news. Ben Bernanke "60 Minutes" interview with all that guilt induced, lying m'#*~/r, sticky drool on his lips ruining my dinner.

NOTE: (ABC is also doing a sitcom on Corporate scum making them into cute, lovable characters. The PEOPLE can’t get mad at the rich and powerful even if they are a bunch of vain, corrupt con artists. Why can't American's laugh while our Corporations are telling us to "eat cake"?)

It's like they're spitting on the memory of Rousseau
... Revolution time, baby!

I want to express how much I enjoyed the smack down, Daily Show’s Jon Stewart did to that loud mouth Cramer (“Mad Money” is an understatement) Call’em out I always say. Not just CNBC but the WHOLE mainstream news media. How is it in America with all our government and corporate big revenue resources, the news with all it’s investigative reporters… MISSED SO MUCH? Only a handful of news people actually gave Americans the real story, Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman and comedians like Stewart.

Thank GOD for the Comedians, RIGHT? I say America has become such a stupid apathetic place, Comedy became the Alamo of political activism. Who would have believed Stewart's Daily Show on the Comedy Network would have provided Americans with better journalism than all the network and cable news outlets. Seems like a crime to me, serve the public interest my butt.

America is in the mist of global economic crisis and TWO WARS but the morning news actually expended resources so they could include NEW information concerning Levi Johnston and Bristol PALIN!… #~*/ you too @$$hole NEWS m#%&!~#?<'s.

Not the guard or police will save you coward m#*~/r's from the angry masses when things get bad. Ask Reginald Denny where the cops were while he was getting his head crushed on Florence and Normandy
! RUN AWAY LITTLE DOGGIES! Journalist Soup...

I was hoping the February 17th digital TV conversion would avoid the inevitable. TV screen going blank, then collecting dust in the back of the closet… BUT NO! Congress had to extend analog transmissions. Well, I’ve got to go now to clean up this mess… I just kicked the inanimate shit out of my TV!

UPDATE: ...radio was NO escape from the bullshit piling higher by the minute. I turned to Radio Free Conservative to see what the knuckle heads ahhhh... I mean ditto heads were up to. Turns out it's just ANOTHER coincidence that news is radio news is reporting ABC NEWS POLLS PROVE IRAQI'S ARE BETTER OFF NOW! Yea... their responsible pollsters actually talked to 84% of the Iraqi people???

I'm going to make sure the Americans PEOPLE recognize how the mainstream media is playing them for FOOLS! ...84% I can't even believe what I'm hearing... The audacity it tak...


by ghostofdavidkelly:
"4259! Does anyone know what that number represents? That’s the US soldiers that have died as we begin the 7th year of Bush wars.

Now, since George W. Bush and Dick Cheney retired to public life I was wondering, have they attended a funeral for any one of the US troops? I saw on the news George W. had the time to go to his local hardware store, and Dick is making the rounds self promoting to the craven, brown nose, puppet media WHO NEVER SEEM TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!

UPDATE: Great Britain is on the highest terror alert as of this week. It’s just ANOTHER COINCIDENCE all this is happening as Dick Cheney is making his rounds doing the “history will show we were right” tour.

The thing here is I don’t trust the intelligence communities of the USA and Great Britain. The CIA and MI-5 (SAS) have done more damage to the planet than any other entities on the foreign policy scene. Meddling in the affairs of Middle East over the years leads me to believe these organizations are NOT working for the best interests of the PEOPLE. It’s more like an organized effort to make sure the Military Industrial Complex President Eisenhower warned us about is kept in the lifestyle it’s grown accustomed to. Cost plus contracts are VERY profitable and not something these Corporations are going to give up without a FIGHT!

The CyberBitch Slap was right. Look at movie “Duplicity”. Is it a coincidence that a movie would come out now making members of US and British intelligence into beautiful, lovable characters?

I have no doubt Dick Cheney and a select group of Pentagon/CIA/FBI insiders KNEW more about 9/11 than they’re telling… All the proof I need is the fact Bush/Cheney kept Tenet (CIA) and Mineta (Transportation), the TWO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES MOST AFFECTED BY 9/11! I feel this was an out, to point fingers of blame at Democrats.

The only way Obama/Biden looks bad and Republicans can make a come back is for an act of terrorism to occur. It’s the fear factor that will make Americans turn on Obama. The angry masses are already gathering in TEA PARTIES all over the nation. The failing economy and AIG bonuses have the PEOPLE ready to EXPLODE! A terrorist act at this point in history will make Americans forget about how bad Bush/Cheney fucked us over. And DEMANDS FOR ACCOUNTABILITY will be forgotten. And that’s what Dick Cheney wants most!

I’m investigating what Seymour Hurst has been saying about Cheney and covert operations that reported directly to the former Vice President. It’s things my nightmares are made of."

Monday, March 9, 2009

America sure isn't what it used to be...

Note: I’m thinking of using this title for my new book. What do you think?


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY… or at least a nice prize package, RIGHT? I’m here to tell, all you Republicans NEED to take a step back and rethink your strategies because you’re making things harder than it should be. It’s not that the stock market goes down every time Obama makes a speech, NO! The real problem is the way every Conservative wacko and right-wing fanatic goes into a darn hussy fit about anything they can think of to tear down what Obama is doing. (including NOT investing in the USA or the stock market)

Of course I’m wishing here, but when Shaun Hannity gets into one of his screaming, cry baby rants it looks likes he’s gonna have a heart attack. Hey, all you Hannity groupies/Heritage Foundation members… have you ever heard of Reagan/Bush economic strategy called “Starve the Beast?” Well, that’s what Bush/Cheney and their band of vain, special interest, greed stricken, power mad cronies DID when it became apparent that Democrats would win BIGTIME in 2008. Someone PLEASE, tell me what is so GREAT AMERICAN patriotic about THAT?


12/1/2000 - Leaked CIA document Case# F-2001-00009:
International Crime Threat Assessment” defines “Kleptocracy,
…rather than serve PUBLIC INTEREST, top leaders use nations resources solely to enrich themselves and their cronies. To cover up crimes the stage is set for social and political upheavals…

Sound familiar America? The CIA will never admit they included USA “top leaders” in that report. I say anyone with half a brain already realizes something is just NOT RIGHT! One news story after another about waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, incompetence, corruption, etc. due to the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES of our top leaders.

Am I mistaken, isn’t the job of our top leaders to protect the PEOPLE from “upheavals”? The problem here is NOT ENOUGH American PEOPLE had the COURAGE to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY from those in power. Elected officials and public sector officers in general get away with the same things those of us in the private sector would be fired and prosecuted for. There’s NO incentive to be VIRTUOUS.

Please someone tell me why anyone would consider listening to the Republicans or Limbaugh or ANY Conservative when it comes to the failing economy. These stiffs have no clue what to do about fixing the economy they‘ve messed it up time and time again. Recession of 82, late 80’s early 90’s. All the banking and Wall St. scandals under any Bush Presidency. The BIGGEST thing Democrats messed up on was voting for that Bush/Paulson bailout bill that got this whole stimulus nightmare started.

I don’t know what else to say. No matter WHO is in charge of the Republicans, Rush Limbaugh or Michael Steel, Americans are going to get the same old, stale low grade thought processes of the last 28 years. These men have no shame. the audacity it takes to criticize EVERYTHING Obama is doing, not even having the decency to wait for the first 100 days.

Let me get this straight now, the right-wing fanatics think any sort of change from the policies of the past is wrong. They want me to believe that if we just give unregulated free market capitalism one more chance it will work. A system that’s based on trusting the same Wall St./K-St./banking institutions whole spent the last 8 years screwing over the American PEOPLE.

Republicans dish out the propaganda thinking that President Obama is causing the problems or it’s the result of something Clinton did 12 years ago. Of course the time in between was nothing but Bush/Cheney bliss right? Oh NO, I CAN’T BLAME George W., OH NO, NOT the Republican Congress 12 of the last 14 years, no I can’t do that. And it’s the fault of Democrats in Congress the last 2 years and the Messiah Obama, RIGHT?

Yea… leaders, Michael Steel, Bobby Jindal, Rush Limbaugh or that 14 year old silver spoon twit Jonathan Crone... HA! Good luck losers.

Aired 3-4-09 Jim Villanucci Show KKOB am 770
Now why would any self respecting Democrat want to sit down in Limbaugh’s LOSER house? The time for debate has passed. Republicans have NO legitimate argument or creditability since NO ONE on the Right has the courage to stand up and take responsibility for the last 8 years. Limbaugh and all you knuckle heads… I mean ditto heads are the reasons why a moron like George W. Bush could actually get elected not once but TWO TIMES. Now that Republicans realize just how bad Bush/Cheney really were everyone jumping that ship like it was the Titanic. I heard Rush the other day spend a half hour distancing himself from Bush/Cheney. REALLY?

(You right-wing fanatics are pathetic in your pitiful hypocrisy)

ESPECIALLY since Republicans decided to chuck the demands for ethics, responsibility, accountability and play the blame, finger pointing game instead. Obama this, Obama that, it didn’t take more than 20 minutes after Obama was sworn in before Limbaugh started his tirade against him.

AND ANOTHER THING blaming this failing economy on Obama is the most obscene thing I’ve ever heard, even worse than saying the FUCK word on a radio station or printing it in a publication. WHAT? …you want me to believe all of the sudden Conservatives are responsible economists or take ANYTHING you people say seriously? Not very
(Villanucci hung up on me while I was still speaking) likely. No wonder for the first time Independents out number Republicans….”

*…40 million Americans struggling below the poverty level AND another extravagant party in Washington, DC for the #*~/’n aristocrats and bureaucrats and well-connected...

It breaks my heart when I go to California or back East and see all my union brothers and sisters begging for work. Ohhh, the NEW “Robber barons” and “Economic Royalists” of the Republican Party really stuck it to the American worker. All the EXPATRIATE CLAUSES and TAX BREAKS that made it EASY for jobs and wealth to be OFF-SHORED! During the 90’s the Gingrich/Delay Republicans even INSURED THE VENTURE CAPITAL OF CORPORATIONS THAT MOVED TO ASIA.

And WHAT did the right-wing get for it’s hatred of Union quality and craftsmanship? Lead based toys, toxic toothpaste, soldiers getting electrocuted in showers, economic crisis and POISONED PET FOOD… Can you HEAR me Q? PET FOOD! (Q - she loves animals)

All the times I’ve heard that fat, disgusting m’#*~/’r Limbaugh put down Unions and equate anyone who DEMANDS a decent living wage to communism. (watch the movie the “Grapes of Wrath” Henry Fonda version)

Of course Conservatives have the Constitutional Right to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Shaun Hannity… BUT WHY THE #*~/ would any reasonable, rational person WHAT TO? Here’s a man who’s been so consistently WRONG with most everything he propagates… JEEZ, you people might as well listen to William Kristol of FOX news.

Oh, for GOD sake, let’s not forget the right-wing Christians who can’t wait for the “Left Behind” fiction book series to come true. Dancing with joy in their churches, praying, if only we can give enough wealth and power to the Neo-Con’s maybe they can hurry along Armageddon, RIGHT? …HATE the gays and communists. AMEN!

Abortion? Let me tell you something about this issue. 8 years of Reagan, 4 years of Bush Sr., a Republican Congress during the Clinton Presidency, 8 years of Bush Jr., AND HOW MANY Supreme Court appointments? The only thing that’s true about the abortion issue is that Republican candidates can’t WIN AN ELECTION WITHOUT IT!

What the fuck do we pay you people for? I SAY #*~/ it… NO TO THE BAILOUT, let the greedy motherfuckers sink with a stone. The Corporate Aristocratic m#*~/r’s will only use the money to screw up the Obama Presidency. (just like they did to Jimmy Carter) I’d rather live in a cardboard box than let the Bush Administration DICTATE our economic policy for the next 10 years. That’s WHAT is going to happen if this bailout shit keeps happening.

I WARNED you people about the economy… I conducted an email writing campaign of epic proportions to our so-called representatives in government and the media (both mainstream and alternative media outlets) I blogged and wrote on government and cable news message boards, submitted articles to publishers that were PLAGIARIZED! I CALLED talk radio stations and cable access TV shows… but everyone was too involved with their ISSUES to take notice.

On the Right they were scattering like rats to separate themselves from Bush/Cheney. Democrats were STUCK in their Obama/Limbaugh soap opera. And the 3rd Party? Well I don’t know WHAT the #*~/ they were thinking. Harping on their very own SPECIAL PROJECTS like the Palestine issue and convincing young people (IT’S A GOOD IDEA) to go support the Palestinian cause by standing in front of Israeli bulldozers… JEEZ! (What a waste) Like we don’t have ENOUGH problems here on home soil TO FIGHT FOR! FOCUS… people, FOCUS!

All the spokespersons, pundits, experts, journalists and government officials I presented LEGITIMATE information to over the years with NO response except PLAGIARISM and encouraging letters from Howard Zinn and Larry Flynt (lol). 9 YEARS ago I warned the American PEOPLE and the example I used is as relevant TODAY as it was in 1999. I did a reprint last year on my blog “THE BEST DAMN POLITICAL STRATEGIST” (spoact/blogspot.com)

I always use the example from newspapers on the date 4/16/99. Government, media and big business at it’s worst. Look at the headline: “Congress wraps up work on $1.74 trillion budget”. They should put more emphasis on that word trillion, maybe Trillion, no, no TRILLION! Oh look, the public servants are eager show they’re efficiently working for the best interests of the PEOPLE… So they can waste our hard earned tax dollars later.

What did YOU get for your money that year? Sex, Lewinski, sex, morality? Perverts like Ken Starr, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, etc.. masturbating to Monica’s testimony. My GOD, we might as well have elected circus animals to lead the nation. At least that way the American PEOPLE can go to the ZOO and watch them fornicate, cohabit, copulate, debauch, couple, fraternize, brawl and lick each other.

What was Corporate/Financial America busy with at that time? Back to the newspaper, 4/16/99 article titled: “Mattel to layoff 3,000 workers. WALL STREET CHEERED the news of restructuring, sending Mattel’s stock up nearly 16 percent…” WHAT? We all know how IT turned out now that our children have all the latest LEAD based toys from China. (and poisoned dog food, toothpaste, baby formula, etc. Republican legislation during the 90’s made it EASY for corporations to leave the USA for the greener fields of Asian slave labor)

Questions one must ask: How did Wall Street become the enemy of the American working class? What did Reagan/Bush, special interests and the 90’s Congress legislate to make it easy for Corporations to move jobs, wealth and resources out of the country? Would the police of the time blame 3000 Mattel workers for being VERY angry and RIOT? Because that news article was about as “in your face” as it gets…

The reason why I bring police into the picture is because law enforcement UNIONS and associations have become some of the most powerful, wealthy entities on the American political scene. I can’t help but remember how many times in US history POLICE harassed, abused, beat, gassed and shot those who supported UNION organizing efforts. Public Service UNIONS have the sort of job/pension/healthcare security those of us in the private sector can only dream about.

Note: …civil servants my skinny Italian-American @$$… just who is serving WHO?)”

C 2009 by FGE

Monday, March 2, 2009

"24" on FOX

On FOX, the show “24” is an adventurous drama… but it’s also another aspect of the psychological warfare Conservatives are perpetrating on the American PEOPLE to turn them against President Barack Obama.

Look at the facts, this week the bad guy is a Black man with an African name… the Black men on “24” are hurting White women. AND a Black man is in the Whitehouse threatening the Presidency. The message is that torture will save American lives and anyone who’s against torture is WEAK. The one real-life Liberal on the show (sellout) Ginenne Garafalo is a bleeding heart who makes nothing but trouble for anti-terror efforts.

To be honest I have to admit watching Jack Bower putting the hurt on the bad guys is a #*~/'n rush. Torture never felt so good, RIGHT?

But I have a whole NEW take on this phenomenon. Since most experts agree that the world blames the USA for their economic woes and THIS is more of a threat than terrorism... I want to volunteer to torture those that hurt the USA… but not terrorists… I want to get a hold of those scumbags from K-St., Wall Street and banking institutions that put profit above patriotism. Perpetrators of waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, corruption… I want to torture these bastards until they tell what off-shore accounts hold all the billions of dollars that were stolen from investors, taxpayers and the US Treasury. I’ll take the cowards at the SEC and the stock rating agencies that gave A+ to all the toxic assets.

Ain’t I a great American? (lol)

Oh look Kiefer Sutherland says FOX is doing so much to fight climate change.
It must be true if one hears it on TV, RIGHT?


I'm NOT feeling the EQUAL JUSTICE!

Now that AIG (among a host of Wall St./K-St./banking institutions that need stimulus) is begging for MORE cash. I think the American PEOPLE have a right to know if reports are true that AIG (among others) off-shored 40 billion dollars before Bush/Paulson got this financial bailout nightmare started. If this is true then both Republicans and Democrats NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. “It’s a revolution time” is what I’m hearing from more and more pissed off American taxpayers.

I’m not feeling the EQUAL JUSTICE in America anymore. Not when the likes of Bernie Madoff, Sir Allen Stanford, etc… who have destroyed the lives of millions of investors around the planet, scammed billions of dollars AND CAUSED THE WORLD TO BLAME AMERICA for economic woes (which several experts have reported become more of a threat to the USA than terrorism) THESE PEOPLE ARE FREE, ALLOWED TO LIVE IN LUXURY? #*~/ you too law enforcement and Justice (sic) Department…